Customer stories

How Babymoov significantly reduced time per order and engaged its customers

Babymoov, leader in baby care products, chose Catalog to modernize its order processing system and engage its customers.


Babymoov is a French leader in childcare products, founded in 1997 in Clermont-Ferrand.


Childcare, Commerce


France, Europe


Order processing. Babymoov receives several hundred of orders from its retail partners, mostly by email. Each order requires manual entry into their ERP and extensive verification. The sales administration teams spend about ten minutes per order.

Retailer engagement. Babymoov is distributed by several thousand stores and ensuring ongoing engagement from these B2B clients is not possible despite Babymoov's sales teams' vast expertise. The stores, in particular, lack visibility on current promotional campaigns.

“We migrated our professional space to Catalog and the launch was a success: hundreds of satisfied brands, a tool that simplifies daily tasks for our Sales Administration team, and increased visibility for our sales efforts. The Catalog team supports us with client onboarding and soon, international expansion."

Pauline Toulouze, Managing director US & Canada

Objectives set with Catalog

  1. Simplify the order entry process and give back time to the sales administration teams.
  2. Improve visibility of marketing/promotional campaigns.
  3. Provide direct access to key information for buyers: ongoing orders, backorders, prices.


With Catalog, Babymoov has focused its teams on what's essential and strengthened the bond with its clients:

  • The order processing time has been significantly reduced, from 10 to just 2 minutes per order, thanks to a direct integration with their ERP Dynamics.
  • A high adoption rate: each client who has used the platform once keeps using it.
  • Customer satisfaction was measured at 4.5 out of 5 in terms of platform use.

“We are delighted to work with one of the leaders in childcare products in France and internationally. Babymoov is a benchmark for innovation, and being the partner of one of their major innovations is a great pride for our team”

Julien Bellemare Co-founder Catalog

An effective implementation strategy

A small team from Babymoov (3 people) collaborated with Catalog. After 4 weeks, the first Babymoov clients had access.

Catalog supported Babymoov during the 4 weeks of this setup, from specifying a set of requirements to training the teams.

Next steps with Catalog

Catalog plans to help Babymoov to:

  • Accelerate deployment in the coming days
  • Increase the share of total sales covered by opening new countries
  • Launch campaigns to activate less active clients
  • Deploy the feature for recognition and automatic processing of orders received by email